Triumph oil pump caution

Recently there have been a lot of people selling “new” oil pumps for Triumph twins. Many assume that new is better than used but please be aware there are some very low quality pumps on the market today. The pumps in question can easily be identified by having slots on the body where it meets the engine case versus the drilled holes on the originals, and a mounting boss that can be drilled for pre unit or unit without requiring a dedicated casting.
Questionable quality “English made” pump
We have come across these pumps installed in customer’s engines and have been found to be the source of wet sumping and low oil pressure. The check balls did not fully seat because the surface was too rough and out of shape. On one pump the balls were not even round. In both instances it looked like the tooling used to make the pump was worn out, or not sharp in the first place. One of the pumps was made by Emgo in Taiwan, the other was “English made”…surprisingly they looked exactly the same with the same poor quality.


An oil pump is one of the most important parts in an engine. Without oil circulation heat will build up and bearing failure will often follow. Sometimes an old original pump is better than a new poorly made pump. Don’t trust any pump without inspecting the check balls and seats. It is poor economy to buy a “cheap” product that will cause a lot of expensive damage down the road.

Morgo® oil pumps and rebuild kits

Morgo® manufactures oil pumps in the UK to very precision tolerances. Franz and Grubb Engine believes these are the nicest and highest quality pumps made today. Do your engine a favor and install a Morgo® plunger pump. Delivers an increase in performance, is always in stock, and reasonably priced at $159.95 for Pre Unit or Unit Triumph twins.
morgo_oil_pump_pre_unit morgo_triumph_500_650_750

Also available is a plunger pump rebuild kit consisting of two check balls, two springs, and two nuts. Rebuild your old pump for a fraction of a new one. Triumph pump rebuild kit priced at only $24.95.



For all you racers, Morgo makes a super rotary pump that delivers 3 to 4 pints of oil a minute at operating temperature! If you need this type of pump please inquire as there are a few modifications necessary.