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Things to consider before buying parts

Selecting and sourcing the right parts is just as important as the assembly, read this for helpful insights

Triumph Frame and Engine Numbers

What year is it? A complete guide to identifying Triumph motorcycle frame and engine numbers from 1938-1980.

rebuilding the amal concentric carb

Here is a comprehensive guide to rebuilding an amal concentric. Any questions you may ever have are addressed here, please use this as a reference guide to keep yours in tune.

Hylomar® product notes

Hylomar® makes some amazing sealants that every British bike owner should know about. Click here to learn which ones you should use.

KPMI Racing tappet block Installation notes

Here is our installation notes regarding the C630 bronze racing tappet blocks from Kibblewhite. Please read before installing.

High Gear bushing Installation notes

Here is our installation notes regarding the new two piece Triumph four speed High gear bushing from Kibblewhite. Everything you need to know in a printable page.

Triumph Grant piston rings notes

Piston rings are asked to do a very tough job. Here is some info to clarify the task.

Triumph Hastings rings Installation notes

Installing new rings in your cylinder can leave a lot of questions. Read what works for us and print it for your reference.

Triumph 650 Piston Installation notes

Here are some things that will help in the installation and bore preparation for your new pistons. It can also be printed for clearer viewing.

Kibblewhite Triumph Installation Notes

Some useful information about valve to guide clearances when using Kibblewhite Triumph valves and guides

Motor oil and what you should know

Which motor oil to use is usually a subject of much debate and discussion. Some people have very strong brand loyalty, some base their opinions on what worked for someone else in the past, and others just figure “oil is oil”. Now that we are in the year 2016 there are some things you should know before choosing a motor oil.

Ethanol Warning – Please Read

The increasing amounts of ethanol added to gasoline have been continuing to cause problems with vintage motorcycles, cars, boats, and small engines. This topic is far too complex to fully explain without help of scientists, but here are the basic facts all vintage motorcycle enthusiasts should know.

Triumph oil pump caution

Recently there have been a lot of people selling “new” oil pumps for Triumph twins. Many assume that new is better than used but please be aware there are some very low quality pumps on the market today. The pumps in question can easily be identified by having slots on the body where it meets the engine case versus the drilled holes on the originals.

Triumph big bore kits

There are many “big bore” kits available today to increase the displacement of your Triumph. This is an overview of the ones available today.