Why buy parts from Franz and Grubb Engine?

Because we know parts, both good and bad… the extra time we put into researching and choosing parts saves you trouble and headaches.

All suppliers have tolerances for everything they manufacture. Sometimes parts leave the factory with defects or flaws, only to be discovered by the purchaser at the time of installation, or even worse, after the engine is running.

We do not assume that because a part is new that it is good.

Every part is checked over personally before it reaches you. Pistons are measured and weight matched, threads are inspected, etc. We do not sell products that are known to be faulty to increase our profit. This insures that when your parts arrive they are of the highest quality. We stand behind everything we sell.
We are an authorized retailer for the following brands:

Amal•••morgo•••tri-cor england•••sparx•••barnett•••jrc engineering•••kibblewhite presicion machining•••hastings rings•••
brad penn racing oil•••dice magazine•••boyer bransden ignitions•••
and many others

Triumph factory part numbers explained

In 1972 Triumph changed the alpha numeric part numbering system to a numeric system. Almost all Triumph parts suppliers today use the numeric system to list parts. The following information should help in converting old part numbers to new.

      Old                                   New                                            Example
      D                                60                            D3556 = 60-3556
      E                                 70                            E3134 = 70-3134
      E1                               71                           E12382= 71-2382
      F                                 82                            F0879 = 82-0879
                F1                               83                           F11617= 83-1617
      H                                97                            H1527 = 97-1527
      S                                 21                            S1875 = 21-1875
      T                                57                            T2526 = 57-2526
      W                               37                            W2058 = 37-2058

Please note that any part number that is less than four digits must use “0”
to make the second number four digits. Examples:

57-449 = 57-0449                   s594 = 21-0594
   W76 = 37-0076                   H404 = 97-0404