Cylinder Reconditioning

As well as offering brand new cylinders and big bore kits, we can also machine your old cylinders to fit new pistons. All work is carried out by us, not subcontracted. Cylinders are bored with a Kwik Way FWS-II boring bar and finish honed with Sunnen equipment utilizing custom torque plates to guarantee that your cylinder is concentric and properly sized. We can also install inserts to repair damaged threads along with stripping and painting with high temperature enamel. Often it is more cost effective to recondition your old cylinder than to purchase one new. Since we do our own machine work turn around time is usually a week, and you can install your pistons and cylinder with confidence, knowing that it is the best it can be.

Twin cylinder bored to size, pistons fitted, ring gaps set $150
Cylinder stripped and painted with 500˚ high gloss black $100
Thread repair inserts installed $20 each
650-cylinder triumph-torque-plate