Cylinder Head Reconditioning

All cylinder head builds start with a proper inspection of its condition. After the head is dismantled every part is thoroughly cleaned and checked over. The head is then checked for cracks, warped surfaces, and any irregularities. We use only the best parts available to make sure your head will perform to the highest standards. All valve guides are honed to size and measured with Sunnen equipment. Kwik Way and Neway valve seat equipment are utilized for proper angles. All valve spring rates are carefully measured at seat and open pressure and installed at the correct height. A specification sheet is provided with completed head. Whether it’s for a restoration, daily rider, or racing machine, a professionally built cylinder head can make all the difference in the power that reaches your rear wheel.

Cylinder head reconditioning $325 plus parts
Spark plug thread repair inserts (Time-sert) $25 each
Media blast cylinder head  $35
Thread repair inserts installed $20 each