New lower prices on Amal StayUp® Float Kit

Thursday, Nov 08, 2012

The adjustable height StayUp® float is resistant to modern ethanol based fuels and has a military spec closed cell construction making it puncture proof. The ability to adjust the float arm allows for quick and easy minor alterations to float levels where required.
The material specified was used by the S.U Carburetter Company for military installations in the 1980s, where a guaranteed fail safe operation was critical. Due to the close link between S.U and AMAL today (both owned by Burlen Fuel Systems Ltd), the secret behind the material has been released and upgraded for the manufacture of this float, making it virtually unsinkable.

Amal StayUp® floats are back in stock and are an excellent upgrade for any Amal Mk1 or Mk2 concentric carb. Priced at $21.95 each, including gasket.
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