Saturday, Jun 08, 2019

These American made aluminum degree wheels can help set ignition timing, and verify camshaft and valve timing figures. They are being manufactured in colors as well as black and white. COMING SOON!degree_wheels_2019_0

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NEW Triumph 650 & 750 Racing Spring kits

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Kibblewhite has just released two newly designed racing spring kits with light weight HT steel retainers for the Triumph 650, and 750 twins. Although labelled for “racing”, both of these kits would be an excellent choice for a street bike that will see high RPM, or has aftermarket cams.

The retainers are high tensile steel lightened with holes, and are engineered to work with the stock 7 degree Triumph keepers. This dual spring kit will outlast kits with aluminum or titanium retainers, and retain the same high quality that Kibblewhite is known for.

dsc_0647fg 650htkit1fg

Kibblewhite manufactures eleven different

spring kits for the Triumph twins.

If you are unsure which is best for your application,

email or call the shop for advice.

We are the Number One retailer for Kibblewhite Triumph parts in the world.

650htkit3fg dsc_0631fg

Priced at $158.28

To order this kit or any of our other spring kits, see our store here

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New cast iron race tappet blocks!

Saturday, Oct 01, 2016



For street or racing Triumph engines there is no better choice than the
USA made Kibblewhite Racing tappet blocks.

These precision made blocks are designed to accept more camshaft lift than original or OEM replacements, made in USA, and are now available in C630 bronze or cast iron.

Will fit all pre unit and early unit Triumph 500 and 650 with modification described in our installation notes

Worn tappet blocks create valve timing inaccuracy and excessive noise. Don’t give away horsepower to worn out parts!

Pricing is $97.37 PAIR for C630 Bronze

and $74.90 PAIR for cast iron

For more photos and ordering info, see our store here

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New Triumph SCTA Bonneville record set

Wednesday, Aug 31, 2016


Every August since 1949 (weather permitting), the Southern California Timing Association has organized the Bonneville National Speed Trials at the famed Salt Flats in Wendover Utah. This event is a week long all out festival of speed for cars, motorcycles, and all sorts of wheeled vehicles. A vast array of race teams attend, from well equipped (and financed) factory sponsored entries to shoestring budget home built machines, and everything in between.


Triumph motorcycles have a long history with the salt, as the most popular and fastest street model was named after the¬†Bonneville salt flats in 1959. The World’s Fastest Motorcycle title was held by Triumph from 1956 to 1970. Since 1951 during SCTA events there have been Triumph twins racing at Speed Week. This August was no different.

Triumph 350, 500, 650, and 750 Pre Unit and Unit twins were raced on Gas, Alcohol, and Nitromethane.

Seven new Land Speed records were set by Six Vintage Triumph motorcycles over the course of the week.


I was tuning an engine I built for a Swiss race Team, who were running a 1955 650 T110 engine in the Vintage 750 gas class. Using a pair of 389 “chopped” monobloc carbs with matchbox remote floats on the original iron head, the top average speed over the measured mile was 126.832 mph. After a few tuning runs a new speed record was established of 123.534 mph for the A-VG 750 class.



Bonneville can be a tough place. Even the best prepared teams often find that something happens that they weren’t ready for. It could be mechanical parts breaking, unexpected wind, traction problems, or a host of other issues all in 100 degree heat with no shade.

It is every gearhead’s dream to find out what top speed potential is in their machine. Sometimes you set records but still don’t truly find out. There is always next year though…

For more information on Bonneville Racing see here



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El Mirage SCTA racing!

Wednesday, Jul 20, 2016

Starting line at El Mirage, Jill Iverson starter, Dan Druff rider, Travis Shinn photographer. It takes a lot of help to build a successful bike, thanks to everyone that pitched in!!!


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New Racing Cams from Baron’s Speed Shop!

Thursday, Mar 10, 2016

Fresh from England, here is the latest racing cams from Baron’s Speed Shop. These cams are for Pre Unit, and are made from EN40B nitriding steel. This very aggressive profile has .353″ cam lift (.392″ at valve) with lots of duration as you can clearly see.

Whether you are building a nitro drag bike, land speed racing, or trying to build the world’s fastest Triumph 650, these beautiful nitrided racing cams will get the air in and out. As there are a few caveats when using these cams please call the shop for purchasing and pricing.

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