Kibblewhite Triumph pushrods!!!

Friday, Nov 08, 2019

triumph_pushrods_650 triumph_pushrods_6501 Back in Stock, these American made tubular alloy pushrods have been proven in racing as well as street applications. Available for 650 and 750 Triumph twins, these have both strength and light weight. The best!

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Thursday, Aug 10, 2017

The pre unit engine I built for racing set a record last year it’s first time out. This year we are going to see if it will go faster. That is why the shop will be closed during Speed Week to support and tune our race engine at Bonneville. The shop will open again on Tuesday the 22th of August. Sorry for the inconvenience but I’m sure all gearheads will understand. Dan


For more information on Speed Week 2017 please see the SCTA website by clicking

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NEW Triumph 650 & 750 Racing Spring kits

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Kibblewhite has just released two newly designed racing spring kits with light weight HT steel retainers for the Triumph 650, and 750 twins. Although labelled for “racing”, both of these kits would be an excellent choice for a street bike that will see high RPM, or has aftermarket cams.

The retainers are high tensile steel lightened with holes, and are engineered to work with the stock 7 degree Triumph keepers. This dual spring kit will outlast kits with aluminum or titanium retainers, and retain the same high quality that Kibblewhite is known for.

dsc_0647fg 650htkit1fg

Kibblewhite manufactures eleven different

spring kits for the Triumph twins.

If you are unsure which is best for your application,

email or call the shop for advice.

We are the Number One retailer for Kibblewhite Triumph parts in the world.

650htkit3fg dsc_0631fg

Priced at $158.28

To order this kit or any of our other spring kits, see our store here

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New cast iron race tappet blocks!

Saturday, Oct 01, 2016



For street or racing Triumph engines there is no better choice than the
USA made Kibblewhite Racing tappet blocks.

These precision made blocks are designed to accept more camshaft lift than original or OEM replacements, made in USA, and are now available in C630 bronze or cast iron.

Will fit all pre unit and early unit Triumph 500 and 650 with modification described in our installation notes

Worn tappet blocks create valve timing inaccuracy and excessive noise. Don’t give away horsepower to worn out parts!

Pricing is $97.37 PAIR for C630 Bronze

and $74.90 PAIR for cast iron

For more photos and ordering info, see our store here

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Kibblewhite Black Diamond Valves NOW AVAILABLE for PRE UNIT TRIUMPH!

Wednesday, Jun 08, 2016

Now in stock from Kibblewhite are brand new valves designed specifically for the Pre Unit Triumph 650.

After a recent failure with a well known English manufacturer’s name brand valves, it became very apparent that there was a need for a high quality 1pc forged stainless valve for the earlier Triumph heads.

Kibblewhite manufactured these valves with their Black Diamond® nitride coating to take any punishment your engine can produce. These are without a doubt the best valves ever made for the Pre Unit and Early Unit Triumph engines.


The intake valve head is 1.500″ and replaces Triumph part number 70-3310, E3310, or Alpha V137.

The exhaust valve head is 1.343″ and replaces Triumph part number 70-2904, E2904, or Alpha V138.

The valves can also be used in Pre Unit Alloy 500 heads as oversize to replace the 1.437″ intake and 1.312″ exhaust.

These are also correct for most early Unit 650 heads up to 1966.

For more information or ordering please see our store here

Our intimate knowledge of camshafts and valve train, as well as our practical
experience of using these in our engines have proudly made us the
number one dealer for Kibblewhite Triumph parts in the USA.  
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Triumph Unit 500 racing valve spring kit!

Friday, Apr 08, 2016

You don’t actually have to race to take advantage of this excellent lightweight spring kit from Kibblewhite. Engineered for the Unit construction 500cc head, this kit features titanium collars with dual springs, and uses the stock 7 degree Triumph keepers.

We have found some currently manufactured “UK MADE” spring sets to be inadequate in both seat pressure and open pressure, and we have even seen valve springs that are almost at coil bind with stock cams! Most shops that sell these inferior spring sets do not own a spring tester, nor will they pay for the repair if your engine destroys itself.

This kit has been proven in racing and on the street for years.


We do not sell any valve springs that do not have a manufacturer’s name on the package.

For more information or ordering please see our store here

Our intimate knowledge of camshafts and valve train, as well as our practical
experienceof using these in our engines have proudly made us the
number one dealer for Kibblewhite Triumph parts in the USA.  
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Kibblewhite Triumph Racing Tappet Blocks

Saturday, Jan 23, 2016

Worn tappet blocks can affect cam timing, and cause tappets to wear on the guide faces. Wear is especially a problem in alloy cylinders with alloy tappet blocks.

Made from U.S. mill certified, high nickel bronze alloy these will directly fit 1969-on 650 and 750 engines.

They can be modified in a lathe to fit all earlier 650 twins including pre unit 650 and 500. If you are building an engine and the valve train has to be accurate, don’t take chances with old cast iron or low grade aluminum blocks!

For more photos and ordering info, see our store here

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Kibblewhite Triumph 650 High gear bushing set NOW AVAILABLE

Friday, Oct 23, 2015

New from Kibblewhite® is a two piece fourth gear bushing that will work for all Triumph 650 Four speed high gears from 1950 to 1972. Also will work with pre unit 500 models.Priced at $24.95 a set, this kit is now available in our store
triumph_high_gear_bushing triumph_high_gear_bushing3
Complete installation notes are available here

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Congratulations to Patrick and Nik!

Wednesday, Aug 12, 2015

Our friends Patrick and Nik ran their 1955 750 Vintage class Triumph 650 gas bike at the Mojave Mile SCTA event and Nik was officially timed at 114.8mph on his first run. Congratulations is in order for these talented guys from Switzerland.
Franz and Grubb are proud to assist and support their race efforts, and weather permitting will be setting new records in 2016.
Be sure to follow YOUNG GUNS SPEED SHOP on Facebook to stay up to date on their upcoming racing events here

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Know your valve lift

Wednesday, Jan 28, 2015

A properly rebuilt cylinder head can only be achieved with the right tools and the experience of knowing how to use them. Valve guide interference fit, Valve stem to guide clearance, seat width, installed height, and coil bind are all important things to know and document.

When installing valve springs on a Triumph head it is imperative that you know your valve lift, which can be calculated by multiplying your camshaft lift by 1.11. The springs must then be checked on a valve spring tester to know your spring pressure both at the seat and at full lift. Triumph heads are notorious for having low spring pressure which in turn will destroy your camshafts, tappets, or both.


If you are building a head, or having one rebuilt, please make sure you are aware of your valve lift to save costly damage to your engine.

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