Triumph 650 Pistons added to store

Tuesday, Nov 03, 2015

Every set of pistons we have ever sold has been checked for weight on a gram scale, and inspected for defects. Our strict quality control doesn’t cost any extra, and our installation notes will help you to get it right the first time. 650 Pistons can be found here
Complete installation notes are available on out tech page, or by clicking here

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Pre Unit 800 big bore kit!

Wednesday, Feb 05, 2014

Okay, maybe not. This is actually only 788.54cc or 48.1 cubic inches. This is being done by using a MAP Cycle T140 big bore kit, a 10 bolt T140 head, and plenty of clearance checking. 74% balance factor achieved on the 1959 crank with the use of mallory metal in the counterweights. ┬áCases bored to fit the 3.218″ OD of the sleeves.

1959800cc2 1959800cc

We are equipped to accurately bore Triumph crankcases to fit 750 or 800 kits, and also lack the intellect to say no to projects like this…

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Triumph Engine balancing

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

triumph650balance triumph750balance
Dynamic balancing your rotating assembly can seriously reduce vibration in your Triumph and extend the life of the engine. The pistons, pins, and rings are weight matched, rods are balanced, and the flywheel is drilled or tungsten heavy metal can be added to achieve the desired balance factor. If you are building a Triumph twin, the additional cost of balancing is far outweighed by its benefits. Please call or email the shop for additional details on Triumph twin balancing.

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