Thursday, Aug 10, 2017

The pre unit engine I built for racing set a record last year it’s first time out. This year we are going to see if it will go faster. That is why the shop will be closed during Speed Week to support and tune our race engine at Bonneville. The shop will open again on Tuesday the 22th of August. Sorry for the inconvenience but I’m sure all gearheads will understand. Dan


For more information on Speed Week 2017 please see the SCTA website by clicking

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World’s fastest pre unit Triumph… since 1961

Sunday, Mar 05, 2017


From the 1962 Triumph Baltimore sales catalog

About a year ago I wrote about Gary Richards and his Speed Records at Bonneville in the 1960′s.

Still, no one has gone faster than Gary Richards did in 1961 with any 650 Triumph motorcycle without a fairing at Bonneville.

His two way average of 159.542 mph still stands as an AMA certified record to this day.

The fact that no one has been able to beat this record in 56 years is amazing in itself, however when you take into account his bike it is even more impressive.


His naturally aspirated stock rigid frame Pre Unit looked like a street bike, with a peanut tank and stock length fork. His father Rich Richards did the tuning, and they managed a 160.272 mph average over one mile, and a return average of 158.812 mph for an official record of 159.542 mph.

Most people don’t realize that the timing trap at Bonneville is one full mile long, and speeding up or slowing down will affect your average speed, which is then averaged with your  return mile speed to reach your qualifying speed.

This method of timing is significantly different than other speed events like the NHRA, which uses a 66 foot long trap at the end of the 1/4 mile track to calculate speed, or even El Mirage Dry Lake which only uses a 132 foot long timing trap at the end of a 1.3 mile track.

 Gary Richards currently produces Dixon Cylinder heads, and from 1961 to today is still the Bonneville record holder of the world’s fastest unfaired Triumph 650 of all time.

Photo of Gary in 1962 courtesy of the AMERICAN HOT ROD FOUNDATION

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We have your Amal!

Saturday, Nov 12, 2016

Before you buy a new Amal for your Triumph, you may want to check with us first.

There are a lot of people selling Amal carbs these days, but some people are finding little value in choosing the lowest initial price.

Since most of these retailers do not deal directly with the factory, they sell the “base line” versions which are not specific to any model. Buying a pair of these will also mean you may have to buy jets, banjos, slides, or any other parts to tune them for your application.  This often negates the original savings. Some of these sellers also cannot offer tuning advice as they are inexperienced in these matters.

We know Amal carbs because we tune them, race them, and sell them…

We were the first shop in Southern California to have the Premier series concentric almost four years ago, and are still the number one Amal parts retailer here.

We have just received a shipment from Amal that has our specially built 930 Premier carbs for all single carb Triumph 650 and 750 models, and our specially built pairs for the 650 or 750 Bonneville. Also included in this shipment was Norton 850 Commando 32mm premier carbs, Monobloc 389 1 1/8″ carbs, and Monobloc 389 1 5/32″ carbs. If you need a new carb for your Triumph, it would be worthwhile to take a look at our online store

For ordering or more info, see our store here

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New Triumph SCTA Bonneville record set

Wednesday, Aug 31, 2016


Every August since 1949 (weather permitting), the Southern California Timing Association has organized the Bonneville National Speed Trials at the famed Salt Flats in Wendover Utah. This event is a week long all out festival of speed for cars, motorcycles, and all sorts of wheeled vehicles. A vast array of race teams attend, from well equipped (and financed) factory sponsored entries to shoestring budget home built machines, and everything in between.


Triumph motorcycles have a long history with the salt, as the most popular and fastest street model was named after the Bonneville salt flats in 1959. The World’s Fastest Motorcycle title was held by Triumph from 1956 to 1970. Since 1951 during SCTA events there have been Triumph twins racing at Speed Week. This August was no different.

Triumph 350, 500, 650, and 750 Pre Unit and Unit twins were raced on Gas, Alcohol, and Nitromethane.

Seven new Land Speed records were set by Six Vintage Triumph motorcycles over the course of the week.


I was tuning an engine I built for a Swiss race Team, who were running a 1955 650 T110 engine in the Vintage 750 gas class. Using a pair of 389 “chopped” monobloc carbs with matchbox remote floats on the original iron head, the top average speed over the measured mile was 126.832 mph. After a few tuning runs a new speed record was established of 123.534 mph for the A-VG 750 class.



Bonneville can be a tough place. Even the best prepared teams often find that something happens that they weren’t ready for. It could be mechanical parts breaking, unexpected wind, traction problems, or a host of other issues all in 100 degree heat with no shade.

It is every gearhead’s dream to find out what top speed potential is in their machine. Sometimes you set records but still don’t truly find out. There is always next year though…

For more information on Bonneville Racing see here



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Congratulations to Patrick and Nik!

Wednesday, Aug 12, 2015

Our friends Patrick and Nik ran their 1955 750 Vintage class Triumph 650 gas bike at the Mojave Mile SCTA event and Nik was officially timed at 114.8mph on his first run. Congratulations is in order for these talented guys from Switzerland.
Franz and Grubb are proud to assist and support their race efforts, and weather permitting will be setting new records in 2016.
Be sure to follow YOUNG GUNS SPEED SHOP on Facebook to stay up to date on their upcoming racing events here

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Racing at El Mirage!

Thursday, Jul 09, 2015

Last month we took our customer’s bike out to the SCTA El Mirage event to tune and shake it down. The iron head Pre Unit #35 is running in the 750cc Vintage class (although it is only 676.7cc) and we will be out there this Sunday.  Hopefully this bike will be setting new class record at Bonneville this year!triumph_el_mirage-copy

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Genuine Amal throttles in stock!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Amal has now faithfully reproduced both the Type 16 single pull and Type 313 dual pull throttles for 7/8″ and 1″ applications. The quality is outstanding as the original Amal drawings were used in conjunction with modern CNC manufacturing. The throttle sleeve is one piece billet steel, not cast pot metal or plastic found on all copy throttles. The housings are polished aluminum and are supplied with the necessary cable adapters.

Your throttle is the only connection between you and your engine.
These are the nicest we have seen at any price.


3134ng_amal4 16417_amal2

To order or for more details click here

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Amal Parts now added to online shop…

Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014

For those who like to shop online, we have added lots of genuine Amal parts to our store. Checkout is through Paypal, and our prices are very reasonable as we deal directly with Amal. Check it out here.

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New lower prices on Amal StayUp® Float Kit

Thursday, Nov 08, 2012

The adjustable height StayUp® float is resistant to modern ethanol based fuels and has a military spec closed cell construction making it puncture proof. The ability to adjust the float arm allows for quick and easy minor alterations to float levels where required.
The material specified was used by the S.U Carburetter Company for military installations in the 1980s, where a guaranteed fail safe operation was critical. Due to the close link between S.U and AMAL today (both owned by Burlen Fuel Systems Ltd), the secret behind the material has been released and upgraded for the manufacture of this float, making it virtually unsinkable.

Amal StayUp® floats are back in stock and are an excellent upgrade for any Amal Mk1 or Mk2 concentric carb. Priced at $21.95 each, including gasket.
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Amal Premier carbs back in stock…

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Amal 930 and 932 premier carbs are back in stock!

Reasonably priced at 189.95 each, we can set these up for almost any Triumph 650 or Norton Commando at no additional charge.
If you need a gasket kit, needles, jets, or any other parts to keep your Amal in top shape email or feel free to call the shop at 818-505-0340

We also have the largest selection of Amal genuine parts in Southern California.amalparts

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