AMAL 930 Premium carbs are here!

Friday, Feb 17, 2012

The long awaited Amal® “Premier” concentric carbs have just arrived! This new carburetter incorporates changes in materials which reduce the rate of slide and body wear and a precision engineered idle circuit which improves performance from idle and reduces fuel consumption. The precision manufactured forged alloy hard anodised throttle slide has a low friction surface for smoother operation and greater wear resistance. The material of the carburetter body has a “passivated” finish which resists corrosion. The ethanol resistant, puncture proof Stayup float and Viton tipped alloy needle valve improve control of the fuel flow. amal930prem amal930prem2

A new easily removable pilot jet provides precise metering of the idle circuit. The jet, which is located in the opposite position to the Pilot Air Screw, is manufactured to tight tolerances allowing it to be replaced with minimum disruption to the adjustment of the carburetter. Initially the size of the jet replicates the 622/107 pilot bush. Other sizes will be available shortly. Removal of the jet allows access to the rest of the idle circuit for servicing.
amal930prem3 amalpremierecutaway

These carbs are priced at $189.95 each and availability is limited. Please email or call the shop for details.

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